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Tower of TerrorThe TOWER OF TERROR!!! What a thrill! This has been one of THE biggest scares and adventure of my life! This ride is set up in the elevator of a hotel and the story goes like this... Back in 1931, the owner of the hotel was throwing a birthday party for his daughter. During the party the child was coming up the elevator with a few guests, which consisted of a man and his wife; an older woman; and the bellhop, when the elevator was struck by lightning transporting them all to the twilight zone. The hotel was shut down after this incident but reopened quite a while later to receive guests again. Now, the ghostly group from the elevator wait with open arms to welcome you to their home which they can never leave. Disney incorporated this ride into their park in 1994 and has been one of the very favorites of visitors ever since. As you come up to the hotel and you see the building, you start to lose your nerve. When you enter through the front doors, friendly bellhops await to greet you warmly to the hotel and guide you to the elevators amidst music from the famed television show The Twilight Zone. Before you step into the elevator you are guided into a room that goes black after everyone has been situated. The voice of Rod Serling then sounds around you as he explains the story of the birthday party that night in 1931. Once he finishes the story, he invites you to enter the hotel elevator and you are seated. You are the moved around the inside of the hotel and you come to a stop in front of the ghostly guests who are trapped there where they ask you to join them. You are then raised and raised and dropped with no resistance until you come close to the bottom. This repeats a few times until you finally come to a stop and are guided back to where you started. You have survived if you make it out with your stomach in the right place! It is truly a memorable experience. This ride opened up at Disney World July 22nd, 1994 and ever since has had one of the highest ratings of all theme park rides in the entire United States. At its highest point the ride reaches 183 feet and drops 8 stories at first. It then rises back to 13, and drops all down about 132 feet and repeats the process a few times. The fall has a speed of 39 miles per hour and seats up to 21 people. The elevator is not actually an elevator but a vertically moving vehicle conveyance. This is one to remember.

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Guest Review:

This ride is CRAZY! At first I thought it couldn't be that bad and that the ride would be a kind of dud. I was so wrong though! When you walk in, there are all these bellhops who look just absolutely dead. Their faces are pale white and they talk like they have no fear of anything man. Its pretty disturbing actually. Once you get into the room before the elevator, the lights all shut off and this creepy voice starts to talk about some twilight zone where people are lost forever and the weirdest things happen. At this point I was pretty much on my toes expecting someone to grab me or something. Then we were seated in the elevator with bellhops sitting absolutely still next to everyone and looking still looking dead. Throughout the whole ride you barely even see them blink let alone talk or scream or anything. So then the ride starts and we're just rising and falling and rising and falling and I swear my heart almost came out my mouth! It was SO dang fast! Seriously this is one of the best thrills I have ever felt and everyone who can should try it!

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May 1, 2013