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Un robot enorme fuera de Star ToursAs stated by Disney this is the “The Ultimate Star Wars Adventure!” Star tours is a ride you absolutely shouldn’t miss. A MUST for any Star Wars Fans. Its hard to miss the entrance with a giant moving Walker standing outside surveying the passing tourists. But be careful, this walker moves!

In unison with Disney’s Hollywood Studios, George Lucas developed a simulator that takes you through space and time to meet up with some of your favorite characters. As your waiting inline what and listen as C3-PO and R2-D2 have one of their comical arguments that we see so often in the movies! With every step being a monumental memory of childhood dreams you will already have fulfilled your enjoyment, and you haven’t even gotten to the ride!

As the story unfolds join your tour advisor Rex as the comical droid takes you through space on a tour of the galaxy. Rex happens to be a clumsy droid that chats to guests and will have you laughing the entire way! After a slight mistake on Rex’s part, where he over jumps his destination while going through light speed, you end up in the middle of an asteroid field. Rex then decides to Una nave espacial volando a través de Star Toursfly into one of the asteroids and begins weaving his way down the jagged tunnels. As you narrowly escape the asteroid you find yourself caught in a the tractor beam of a Star Destroyer. A Rebel X-Wing comes to your rescue as are just about captured! After your rescue you are escorted back to the main fleet where you are joined by more fighters on their way to Death Star. Rex agrees to help accompany them on their mission and you begin your assault on the Death Star holding off Tie-Fighters as they attempt to stop your companions from destroying the Death Star! Will Rex be able to do his part? Will the Rebel forces succeed?

Star Tours 2.0 Depratures!

It’s me again with the latest news regarding the Star Wars Tours, the adventure continues with Star Tours 2.0.

You will probably be wondering what places the creators with the amazing mind of George Lucas have planned for us to travel. Here’s the list, and remember that you’ll never know where the force will take you cause the computerized technology used to run this randomly chooses a destination for us

From the look of it, we’re going to see Wookies in action when we travel to Kashyyyk; we’re going to see the Death Star when we visit Geonosis; we’re going to take a look at the freezing planet Hoth (for you fans of the Empire Strikes Back, like myself, we are all going to be excited about this); the beautiful planet Naboo where Princess Amidala comes from; also, we’re going to take a trip to Coruscant where the Jedi Temple is; and finally we’re in for a treat as we join the Boonta Eve Podrace on Tatooine.

I am booking my vacation and getting ready for an excellent time during Star Wars Weekend, not only enjoying the festivities and the special guest stars (C3P0/Anthony Daniels will be there!), but also, I cant wait until I get on this awesome ride, I plan to go several times!

Like in the famous Yoda words: “Do or do not….there is no try.” So we all better do, get in and be the first in line for this incredible attraction and its awesome cast of characters!

I’ll see you all while riding this awesome looking attraction, can’t wait to get my Star Wars addiction some needed release!

May the force be with you!

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Guest Review:

“It was by far the most entertaining ride in the entire park! Not only did we enjoy the ride, but the entire wait time to get into the ride wasn’t bad at all. You enter rooms to find new droids and characters from the movies. Even though we may have a waited to get to the ride, the five minute act between C3-PO and R2-D2 was hilarious, it truly felt like we were in the movies. When we finally got to the ride, we were by far exited to see what was in store, and we were not let down! The ride was great, and will continue to be great no matter how many times we went on it. If your ever in Hollywood Studios, Star Tours is a ride you cant miss!”

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May 1, 2013