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Rock 'n' Roller Coaster® Starring Aerosmith

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Aerosmith Rock N' Roller CoasterAre you a fan of Aerosmith?! Do you have a love for Classic Rock?! If you do then this roller coaster will just absolutely blow anyone away who is willing to try and face it! It is a tribute to the band Aerosmith. The Rock n Roller Coaster opened up July 29th 1999. This ride started out on the first day with a special admissions ticket, that were invitational only, with an exclusive appearance from Aerosmith! They rode the ride with those first few lucky people who had tickets and ate lunch with them too in an all you can eat buffet free provided by Disney. After the ride people were able to get pictures with the band and were also able to pay to get a painting done with one of the members by Denny Dent. Various paintings are still hung up in the gift shop which lies at the end of the ride and also in some of the administrative offices of Disney workers. During the pre show there is a recording where the Band invites you to their show with exclusive backstage passes. You don't actually receive tickets to a show but you are then moved into the boarding room of the roller caster and seated. This is the show the band members were speaking of. Aerosmith, also known as The Bad Boys from Boston, is a Rock and Roll band which was most popular from the early 70's to the late 90's. They have released over 150 million albums since their formation. Their top ten rated albums are number one, Toys in the Attic; number two, Rocks; number three, Pump; number four, Permanent Vacation; number five, Get your Wings; number six, Just Push Play; number seven, Aerosmith; number eight, Draw the Line; number nine, Live! Bootleg; and finally number ten, Night in the Ruts. They first signed on with Columbia Records and made their debut in 1973. They have since scaled the list of greatest rock and roll bands and now compete their fame against other great bands such as Guns N Roses and ACDC.

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Guest Review:

The front of the Rock N' Roller Coaster"Dang this was so much fun! I rode this roller coaster four times I think! I just could not get enough man! When we first walked up to it there was music blaring from the popular and famous band Aerosmith. When we got to the building it was made up of a HUGE guitar with a roller coaster riding down the strings. Once past the doors we walked into a room with a big flat screen television and the whole band is arguing about whether they do the show or not. It is pretty funny actually. Once they realized that we were in the room they started talking to us and gave us back stage passes to their show! Then they invited us to come along after they were called to start the show and we left out of the room to the roller coaster where the music had again started to blare. After we sat down and got situated we were moved into a tunnel that had strobe and neon lights flashing all around and were stopped. The voice of Steven Tyler (lead singer) welcomed us to the show and told us to hold on for the ride of our lives! Then we shot out into black space with strobe lights and neon lights flashing all around us and different songs playing from the band! This ride was a blast man and you can't tell where or when your going to go up or down or anywhere so it's not as scary for those who think roller coasters are scary. Make sure this is on your list of top things to do because EVERYONE will enjoy this ride.

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May 1, 2013