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Indiana Jones™ Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Disney's Hollywood Studios

An intense explosion on the Indiana Jones setThe Indian Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular first starts out with Indiana Jones coming out and greeting everyone. He tells you the story of the idol he is searching for and where he is going. He then invites you all to experience the fun and adventure. He starts out by traveling to a city where he fights off a bunch of people hired to kill him! He single handily takes out about 10 people! They run around trying to shoot him or capture him but he again and again escapes them by the thin of his teeth! After getting through the city he makes it to an old cave in the jungle and sees that there are poison arrows stuck to a few trees. He walks in anyways and is in room with holes all over the ground. As he starts to walk through the room and nears a hole a spike shoots up through the hole almost sticking him through! He then starts to walk more carefully through the maze of hole on the ground while spikes keep shooting up from the ground. When he finally gets to the other side of the death trap, he walks onto a pathway leading to the golden idol. He walks up to it and replaces it with a bag of sand and then starts to walk away when a HUGE boulder falls from a hidden passageway and rolls towards him. Indiana Jones starts to run away when he trips and it looks like he was run over but he gets up smiling and raising the the golden idol in his hand. That's the show, and let me tell you that putting onto to paper does NOT do it any justice.

Indiana Jones discovering somethingThis show opened up August 25th, 1989 and ever since has been among the number one rated shows in Florida. It uses a complex measure of real time action special effects, which include explosions, fires, airplanes, and much much more. These effects are usually performed from a safe location while the actors incorporate the sounds and special effects at the right times. Some of these effects are even set off by the actors. The show uses a complex set of electronic triggers which can be preset to a timer or done by hand. In all the show there is not a single stunt that is not in control by some cast member. The software for the controller mechanisms came from providers Richmond Sound Design. The show takes about 25 minutes in total and can seat up to 2085 people. They have about 3 shows a day at different times depending on the day.

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Guest Review:

The Indian Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is probably THE greatest show that Disney has going on! Ever since I was a child I have absolutely loved the Indiana Jones series of movies and Disney has done an EXCELLENT job in recreating the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie into this fun filled family show. This show is almost exactly like the movie... just as adventuresome, and just as thrilling. Their actor even LOOKS Indiana Jones! I mean Disney has outdone themselves with this show. It plays throughout the day at Disney's Hollywood Studios which used to be called MGM Studios, but the only thing that has changed besides the name is that new attractions have been added to the park, so you can still get all the fun of the rides you love and enjoy. This was such a great show that I brought most my family on my mother's side with me when I returned. They absolutely loved the show as well! I think my father may have enjoyed almost as much as I did. I'm telling you, anyone who does not go to this show is missing out big time! I have been to many theatre show, movie enactments, even operas and other things of the such but nothing compares to the great job they did on this one though. I will keep on returning to see this show for as long as I am able to and recommend everyone else to it. This show is a must do!

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May 1, 2013