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The Great Movie Ride

Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Great Movie RideThe Great Movie Ride is located inside a re-creation of one of Hollywood's most memorable landmarks, The Chinese Theater. The Queue for this ride winds through the lobby of this famous Hollywood location, Taking you through a Museum of Movie Props and memorabilia ranging from light-hearted MGM hits such as Mary Poppins, Singing in the Rain, to horror/action movies such as Alien and The Indiana Jones Trilogy. This queue will also shows you the trailers as well as clips from all these movies and more.

The Ride carts are in a theater style setup grouped in pairs of two. This allows large groups to sit together. The entrance to the carts looks a lot like a Hollywood stage production, complete with concrete flooring and bright blinking and flashing lights. Its Awesome! The first genre of movies this ride take you through are the early MGM musicals. This portrays scenes from Singing in the Rain, Footlight Parade, and Mary Poppins. These scenes feature songs and dances from these MGM hits as well as spectacular lighting and effects. The next scene pays tribute to MGM's Gangster movies. You'll be weaved in and out of a 1930's back street alley's and meet characters The public Enemy, as well as be surprised from a few other characters that tend to "pop out" from various places. Next up is the western sets. You'll meet John Wayne and Clint Eastwood as they "do their thing" catching (or helping) local bandits and ending in a climactic shootout between the town sheriff and a bank robber! Be prepared for some unexpected surprises in this section of the ride. "This is the space ship Nostromo" rakes a voice over the intercom. The Vehicle rides into the remains of an space ship from ALIEN. You'll run into Ripley trying to fend off some alien invaders that are attacking the ship. You'll also get an up close and person meeting with an alien! Finally, the An old fashioned movie sign in the Great Movie Rideride will take you through an Indiana Jones Temple complete with mummy's and jaws. Prepare for some more unexpected surprises here (even though now I just warned you).

Overall, this is a quick ride, that is safe, clean, and fun for all ages. Adults will enjoy some of their favorite characters from some of the most memorable movies ever created. Kids will love the bright colors, and music that is generated from the great theme, clever atmosphere, and witty acting. This is a must go for anyone who visits Hollywood Studios.

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Guest Review:

"Being an old fart, I thought this ride was incredibly enjoyable. Some of my favorite movies were included. Who doesn't like Indiana Jones? He's a great American hero up there with Captain America, Superman, and Chuck Norris. And Alien? I've always wanted to meet him, and I finally got my chance. It was a blast. No one should be at Hollywood Studios and not at least ride this once."

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