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Horror Nights Warning

2012 at Universal Studios Orlando Florida

September 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 30.
October 4-7, 11-14, 17-21, 24-28, & 31st.

Halloween Horror Nights® 1 Night, Sun-Thurs Ticket
Halloween Horror Nights® 1 Night admission

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The Walking Dead at Halloween Horror Nights 

Halloween Horror Nights

Every year at the Universal Studios Resort in Orlando the theme park transforms into the nation’s premier Halloween event! On select nights from September 21st to October 31st you and your friends can dive head first into the fray at the Halloween Horror Nights® 22! Every year Universal Orlando brings you new and exciting new experiences! From terrifying scare zones to horrifying haunted houses, monsters that will have you screaming and villains that will have you running, when it comes to being frightened no one has more to offer than Universal. So grab friends, grab your family because safety comes in numbers and head on over to the Universal Studios Resort where you can face your deepest fears in the flesh at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 2012!

Every year Universal brings you a new theme and saves the classics. This year Universal is bringing to life televisions biggest thriller, AMC’s The Walking Dead. These horrifying flesh eaters will take to the streets and invade your night by the swarms! Universal brings to life the dead in fun and exciting ways! Enter Dead Inside a haunted house that features all the iconic locations from the critically acclaimed television series. Here in the world of The Walking Dead zombies are called “Walkers,” and as Universal falls to the hoard of Walkers, you shouldn’t be thinking about how to avoid becoming one of them, just about lasting as long as you can!

Take a wild ride through the mind of the twisted Alice Cooper in Alice Cooper, Welcome to My Nightmare! This horrifying haunted house will fill you with dread as you explore the world of Steven, the flagship character of Cooper’s four decade long career. Have your wits about you as you come face to face with a wide array of tormentors in this world where sanity is quickly melting. These monsters, ghouls and shadows threaten to tear the fabric of reality as they rip from the nightmarish world of Cooper himself!

You would think these world-renowned magicians would know what they are doing. But the truth is their latest trick has gone a bit… wrong. Their latest attempt at fame has set of a nuke in Las Vegas, but don’t be alarmed, these two have applied a fresh coat of paint. With a truck load of lies and schemes this New Vegas strip isn’t all gold and glitter, instead the only thing you will probably find is a lethal dose of radioactivity. But these fatal levels of radiation are just what guests are looking for at Penn & Teller Newkd Las Vegas in 3D!

Don’t kid yourself inside this haunted house, not even the bravest will be able to stand their ground. The world of Silent Hill comes alive in Welcome to Silent Hill at the Universal Studios! This eerie world is a desolate town tucked back in the mountains. The physical laws of nature no longer apply in this twisted playground where ash falls from the sky. If you dare to venture here in the alternate dimension keep one thing in mind, only one law of nature applies, when it comes right down to, all you need to concern yourself with is survival.

Universal’s House of Horrors is all hush and hush. These monsters are some of your favorites and some of those that have been lurking behind the scenes for longer than they appreciate. These iconic characters are featured in black and white, and when the projector starts rolling these hungry villains are ready to take back what was once theirs. Bursting onto the big screen once again these horrifying menaces are back for their sequel. This isn’t a remake, it’s not even really a sequel; the House of Horrors is a grand finale.

When people believe something so strongly their minds can play tricks on themselves, and perception can bring something to life. But here at Dead End in Carey Ohio, someone believes in something far too strongly. The horrifying acts that occurred at the Old Hartford Mansion aren’t to be repeated, and a reality was revealed. This cursed manor is just beginning to reveal itself, because the stories told here don’t do the real horrors justice.

Everyone likes a good night of entertainment, and here at Halloween Horror Nights 23 you can catch a show. Everyone loves Bill and Ted, and here at Universal Stories you can get in on Bill & Teds Excellent Halloween Adventure! These two excellent dudes are the best in the show business, and this comical act is full of all the shenanigans from the movie! Bill and Ted will have you laughing hysterically as they skewer some of the biggest names in pop culture and entertainment!

Here at Universal Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure isn’t the only show you can catch! The 20 Penny Circus is in town and it is here to amuse people with questionable tastes. This magic show brings you a wild adventure that will unleash a uniquely hilarious performance on an unsuspecting audience!

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Horror Nights Warning