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Disney Y.E.S.The Disney Youth Education Series, also known as Disney's Y.E.S. program provides Boy and Girl scout troops with an excellent opportunity to meet merit badge requirements on Walt Disney World learning adventures. We have been helping troop leaders organize such trips and events for years in all of Disney’s magnificent parks. We would be honored if you let us recommend a package for your scout group to Disney World! Not only will you be having fun, you’ll be saving tons of money and time when booking with us. We are a reliable company that has been opened 7 days a week for 364 days a year for nearly 30 years you can trust us with planning your vacation and providing you with the tickets that you need.

Apart form the Walt Disney World tickets we also offer heavily discounted admission prices to Universal Studios, Sea World, Busch Gardens, and most of the world famous Orlando attractions, we are contracted to sell these tickets at such a low price and you won’t be able to find better deals anywhere else! For more information on our other tickets feel free to call our toll-free line to get in touch with one of our experienced representatives.

For years, we have been helping scout groups plan trips to Orlando and no other company is more qualified to build a suitable package for your scout group! Like stated earlier we have been here for nearly 30 years and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, make sure you book with us year after year to save you a great amount of time and money and to ensure the children enjoy every moment of their scout trip. Let your scout group enjoy many new experiences, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Recommended Scout Group Rides and Attractions:

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger SpinBuzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin - You can become a superhero at Disney's Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland and fire your laser cannon at targets to help save the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg! Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin is a video-game-inspired ride at Magic Kingdom theme park based on the conflicts between Buzz Lightyear and the Evil Emperor Zurg from Disney·Pixar's film Toy Story 2.

Become a Junior Space Ranger, and hop aboard the XP-37 space cruisers and blast of into the path of Evil Emperor Zurg's robot minions with laser cannons. The evil emperor is trying to steal batteries from helpless toys to power a weapon of ultimate destruction, but not on Buzz Lightyear‘s watch, team up with the childhood favorite astronaut and take down Zurg.

As you are in your specially designed XP-37 you can spin around in any direction you please as you aim for the targets surrounding you. Hear and see fun sounds and special effects as points are added to your total score for hitting the targets. You can compete with other players and aim for the the highest score or try to attain a new personal best. Make your name and earn your rank from “Space Cadet” to “Galactic Hero” in this out of this world ride.

Swiss Family TreehouseSwiss Family Treehouse located at Disney's Magic Kingdom, where you can whisk yourself away to a South Seas paradise as you climb into the tree house of the shipwrecked family from the classis adventure yarn, "Swiss Family Robinson." Make your way up winding stairways, and pass through the home of the Robinsons on the way. If you have visited this attraction in the past be assured that it has be rebuilt since Disney has made the structure strong enough to support more weight and more visitors.

The inside of the various rooms built into the tree are fully furnished, and each has a supply of running water the water is brought up to the top of the tree by a waterwheel and pulley system that is so intricate and fascinating you must be impressed just by looking at it!

Group Price Request Form
(download this .PDF document) or call us at (407) 334-4652