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Disney CastleThere‘s no better place to plan your next church trip than Orlando! The benefits of Orlando is that you are able to stay only minutes away from your favorite attractions in one of our popular hotel accommodations saving you time everyday. Our friendly representatives will gladly assist your church group and provide sleeping arrangements, transportation, and attraction tickets to some of the finest hotels, luxurious rental cars, and interesting attractions.

When traveling in a large church group organization is key, if you are not well organized everyone in the group will be running around everywhere and not knowing what's going to happen next. Not only are our experience representatives friendly, they are great organizers as well! Book with us and we will simply your trip as well as save you money. Our team of travel specialists can help recommend the best attractions for your church group, taking into consideration the number of members in your party and the ages of the individuals. Rest assured that Orlando has something for anyone and everyone so people of all age groups can enjoy every part of the trip.

Make your memories in Orlando last a lifetime as you visit our greatest parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Busch Gardens and various water parks. One thing you can not forget is Orlando's world class dinner shows, we offer discounts on those too! Save a noticeable amount of money and have a blast when visiting us here in Orlando.

Aside from the beautiful theme parks, amazing attractions, and breath taking views Orlando’s ideal located has been a favorite for nearly everyone who has ever visited. This location brings guests into close proximity with the world's best theme parks, dinner shows, restaurants, and beaches. Stay in Orlando and you will be within 20 minutes from all the theme parks, and an hour away from the beautiful beaches of Florida.

Favorite Church Group Rides:

Disney Space MountainSpace Mountain: located at Disney's Magic Kingdom Theme Park, this indoor roller coaster is a timeless classic that will bring plenty of thrills for you and all your friends! Begin a thrilling mission into space with loads of special effects as you hop onto the Disney spaceship. As you fly into the future you can’t help but celebrate the magical splendor of Tomorrowland As soon as you enter the Space Port make sure you have buckled up and prepared for this high speed journey that takes you to heights and curves of space mountain that you would never expect. Fly past fields of shooting stars and hurtle through the cosmos and become stunned by the hi-tech special effects. As you enjoy your ride of space mountain.

Splash Mountain: located at Disney's Magic Kingdom Theme Parks, this surprising ride starts off at a relaxed pace, until the final "drop-off". Orlando’s beautiful summertime weather almost can guarantee plenty of sunshine. Splash mountain can always guarantee plenty of water. As you plummit down the five-story flume from the Laughin' Place to the Briar Patchin a hollowed-out log on its watery winding way through the mountain. Make sure you smile at all times because you never know when the camera is watching.

Disney Tower of TerrorTwilight Zone Tower of Terror: located at MGM Studios in the Walt Disney World Resort, this ride is already a classic among thrill seekers. Check into the once-glamorous, and now vacant, luxury Hollywood Tower Hotel at your own risk! You’ll never know what to expect when you explore the mysteries of what happened the when lightning struck. Scream at the top of your lungs as you plunge down 13 stories into the most thrilling recesses of The Twilight Zone were you will Experience the atmosphere from the television series, become stunned by awesome special effects. Get an adrenaline rush from the view at the top of the abandoned elevator shaft before the intense drop to the bottom.

Pirates of the Caribbean: A boat ride through classic Disney swashbuckling adventures. Sail these treacherous waters in search of pirate booty, but be warned: "dead men tell no tales!". All you’re missing is the eye patch when you hop aboard one of the most dangerous pirate ships in the world. Not only is being on a ship with a treacherous pirate bad enough you will also come face to water with a 14-foot drop over a waterfall into pirate caves. After you conquer the drop you then float through a town where pirates are pillaging and Captain Jack Sparrow is hiding. The real question is “ARRRR you ready for this pirate adventure?”

Group Price Request Form
(download this .PDF document) or call us at (407) 334-4652