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Family fun on Test TrackVisit Disney World's Epcot for one sole reason. ... The Test Track, this ride is amazingly designed and is the longest ride currently in Disney World right now. The Test Track, sponsored by General Motors was previously World of Motion! It was redesigned and premiered on March 17 of 1999. The ride is 5 minutes and 34 seconds long and is 4286 feet long, each car seats six passengers! This ride is also famous for being Disney World's fastest ride, reaching speeds of up to 65 miles an hour at a 50 degree decline and at hairpin turns! Oh yes, hairpin! This ride is just breaking all of Disney's records! The Test Track I would say is the best ride in Epcot, maybe even in Disney World!

While the ride is in action, you almost crash into a wall (while the infamous Disney cam snaps a photo of you). You take sharp turns, no, extremely sharp turns! Ride over crazy surfaces, like cobblestone. You also take a crazy steep dip type turn at a speed of exactly 64.8 miles an hour! It is crazy! Hidden Mickey's can be seen. There are also a extreme weather chamber! One is a chamber of 110 degrees and the other is 10 degrees. One more is a rust chamber, were you can find the "hidden Mickey's"!

This ride is very fun, and if you visit Epcot you just have to go. This ride is not for everyone, of course don't go if you are pregnant! If you have heart conditions/problems do not try Test Track either. This ride takes quick turns and makes dips not suitable for the listed conditions. So be very careful, but you will definitely love this ride! 65 miles an hour is fast like WHOA!

Guest Testimonial:

Test Track course at Epcot"When Me and my family went to the Test Track; no lie, I was trying to act broly! This ride is no joke! You get on this ride and you will fill like you are starring in the movie Fast and the Furious with no windshield! 65 miles an hour doesn't seem that fast in a car cruising down a highway, but in a 6 passenger little car with no windshield to slow your fall to the cement ground if the crap hits the fan! We got on this ride, and sat me (of course) up front. This ride had me gripping grip less things, I caught myself trying to hold on to the sky? Exactly!! Though things were a little scary (not for my little brother and sister, they were laughing and having more fun than ME) it was very fun! After the ride was over we checked out the photo (the one were we thought we were going to hit the wall) and I had my dookie face on! Ha-ha, seriously I looked pale and my eyeballs looked like they were going to pop right out of my sockets! That pic is currently hanging on the foyer wall!"

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