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Thrilled Kids on Mission SpaceAre you ready to embark on a mission so great, so vital to our future existence that only the best of the best will be qualified to handle this launch? Out of thousands of people, NASA has chosen you to fly this Mission to Mars! Many people dream about this, others died trying to complete this mission. Now you get to experience the historical race to space. The United States was the first to land a man on the moon; the United States is also the most advanced in space exploration. You get the privilege of working side by side with the best in world. So strap in and hold on tight because you are in for a ride that is out of this world, literally!

Mission Space is a new member of the Epcot family. Opened in October of 2003, this attraction has been training future astronauts ever since. As you stand in line you can gaze at the futuristic gear that you will be using on your flight. Before you get on the ride there will be a short de-briefing about your up-coming mission. Once youíre on board you notice the extreme attention to the detail. The switches move and buttons light up, and the noises are so real you will forget youíre in Disney. As the lights dim and mission control tells you to prepare for lift off. The count down begins with a 3-2-1 lift off! This is the most intense part of the ride. You are being launched into space at speeds of over 600 miles per hour! The feeling of gravity is so great you can not even move. In Simulation Wheel at Mission Spacefront of you is a window that allows you to see where youíre heading. After the incredible launch into outer space you get a few seconds of weightlessness. Then you use the moons gravity to warp yourself around to get to your final destination. You then go into a hyper sleep so your journey to mars is more realistic. All four passengers have a task to perform. Someone will be a pilot, a navigator, commander, and an engineer. Everyone must complete there tasks efficiently so the mission can be done safely. Once you are on Mars the excitement really begins. The space craft lands on a cliff and suddenly the cliff collapses, which sends the ship into a landslide and itís up to you and your team to get the ship flying again. Now your speeding into narrow canyon and finally you arrive at your base, Safe and sound.

Guest Testimonial:

"Mission Space may not be for everyone. This ride does spin at a high rate of speed. When you are on this ride there are warnings not to look off of the screen, because your mind will begin to notice the spinning. If your focus is on the screen you are tricking your mind to believe you are going forward but really you spinning in a circle. The sheer force of the spin will keep you glued to your seat! Thus creating the realistic feeling of flying through space!"

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May 1, 2013