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Giant Dog LickHow tall are you? Average height for your age and gender I assume! If you are lucky, maybe a little taller. Well, wouldn't it be a beautiful day if you were to get shrunken! From a height of 5'11" to 3 inches tall! How bad would that suck? If you are crazy enough to experience it, why not and visit the show/ride, "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience." Available to be seen at Disney World's Epcot.

You and the others are the audience! And of course like the title says; you get shrunk. Thanks to Dr. Wayne Szalinkski and his clumsy self. As a matter of fact he doesn't even make it out in time for the demonstration, he has actually shrunken his own self. While his son tries to help save the demonstration, you here the racket in the background. Also, mice get loose, whiplashing your feet and legs with there little tails and a huge holographic lion screaming in your face. After the destruction of the show/demonstration thus far Szalinkski normalizes himself and attempts to save the show.

Well, that doesn't work out to good either. The shrinkalizer loses control and minimizes the audience and now YOU'RE in for it. Close your eyes as people want to take pictures of you, but the flash is blinding because your little pupils can't handle it. Also, Szalinkski's youngest son, picks up the audience and attempts to "show mommy the little people". ...So when you are finally returned to normal size, Quark (Szalinski's family dog) gets zapped by the enlarger ray! He escapes and finds his way onto the stage. Luckily for the audience, the curtains close just in time, but you inevitably get sneezed on by the titanic dog!

Guest Testimonial:

Honey I Shrunk the Audience Theater"This was a pretty cool attraction at Epcot! For the rest of the audience anyway! My wife and kids keep telling me to put down the audience because my name is Adam too! "Daddy, put down the audience" and "easy...easy, you can do it" at random times of the day! My youngest son Jake left me a voicemail like that once while I was at work. Pretty funny. I can handle it.
Seriously it was a great show. I went there with my family and we all enjoyed it. I am still wondering how they got the curtain to move when the dog came and sneezed on us. Technology, but definitely go visit this attraction if you want to laugh and enjoy your time at Epcot. Plus, you already paid for it, so why not?"

That's from a customer himself, it's a great show and it is really worth the money you pay to get in Disney (as expensive is that is, you better go). But here is some more information about the show:

  • It lasts 23 minutes
  • It is sponsored by Kodak
  • Replaced Captain Eo (which starred 2 of Michael Jackson's songs)
  • Opening date was on November 21, 1994

Go try the 3-D short clip out! Really funny and great for the children!

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May 1, 2013