DisneyQuest Tickets

DisneyQuest in Orlando, Florida, is what you would call an "indoor theme-park." But, what in the world is that? Have you ever heard of an indoor theme-park? The Imagineers at Disney are responsible for this new term. The only thing you could kind of liken to DisneyQuest would maybe be an Arcade. But, DisneyQuest is so much more than an arcade. First off, what arcades do you know of that are 5 stories tall? What arcades have four unique and different zones of entertainment? What arcades have dining and shopping options built in? In what arcade can you get the tried and proven Disney brand of entertainment that has made millions of people the whole world over, come back to Disney over and over again?

The answer to all those questions is that there is no arcade that does the things that DisneyQuest does. DisneyQuest is a one of a kind break-through in the field of family entertainment. You'll find that DisneyQuest is on the cutting-edge of the Video Game industry. All the equipment and games there are constantly being upgraded and refreshed so that DisneyQuest remains on that edge. Many of the innovations at DisneyQuest are ahead of their time. You could call it a technology convention. All the big names in Video Games are there. You'll find Sega, Sony, and Nintendo with their own DisneyQuest games.

The bottom line about Disney Quest is that you can create your own adventure, specifically tailored to your preferences and interests inside of the place. What other place lets you do that? Certainly not an arcade. We've already gone over that. Disney Quest is a one of kind experience. One that you and your family will love and never forget. And, with Great Orlando Discounts, you know you're getting that experience well below the full price.

DisneyQuest Cyber Sensations

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold
    Become a virtual Pirate! Don the V.R. (virtual reality) pirate cap and become immersed in a world of high-sea robbery, skeleton ghost battling, and (of course) treasure hunting! And you really have to battle those other pirates or you'll get killed. You have to swing your sword and fire those cannonballs if you don't your head chopped off by some demonized skeleton pirate. And, whatever you do, DO NOT think your the only one looking for that treasure. Its you against the pirate world, in regard to that treasure.
  • Buzz Lightyear's Astroblasters
    This is an awesome ride if you're with a group of friends. In groups of two, everyone mounts up in these futuristic bumper cars. One person does the steering, the other person aims and fires the cannon. Needless to say, things can get hectic. But, you'll have fun the whole time. (Insider tip: pick up all the "cannonballs" you can before the start whistle is blown, because whoever has the most ammo can outlast the competition)!
  • CyberSpace Mountain
    Now this is a ride that takes a little imagination and a little daring. With Bill Nye the Science Guy's help, you get to build your own "beast" of a rollercoaster - complete with realistic physics and G-forces. Once you create your monster you get to test it out in a state-of-art simulator. Now, you have to realize that this ride is exactly like a real roller-coaster. There's a height requirement (51 inches) and you can get sick like you would on a real coaster. Just remember, if you make a monster coaster, be prepared to ride one.
  • Animation Academy
    Ever wonder what it feels like to actually animate a Disney character from your favorite Disney Movie? Well, now you can. At this interactive attraction you do precisely that. And don't be worried if think you don't have any artistic ability, you'll be surprised with what you can do at this attraction. You'll learn all the tricks to drawing Mickey Mouse. Have you ever noticed that you always see both of Mickey's ears at all times, even when his head is turned? This is the way Walt Disney animated him, he wanted you to see both ears at the same time all the time. You'll learn these tricks and more when you go the Animation Academy.

The Venture Port in DisneyQuest

DisneyQuest Dining

  • The Wonderland Cafe
    At this Internet cafe you'll find a wide assortment of coffees, sweets, and cheesecakes. You'll also be able to access the internet from select booths inside the cafe. All food items in the Wonderland Cafe are supplied by FoodQuest.
  • FoodQuest
    This restaurant is for the snacker. There are sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, burgers, hotdogs, wraps, and salads to choose from on the menu. So, if you get tired of chopping up aliens and pirates, you have a nice place where you can grab a bite.

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