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Disney Magic Music Days

Performing arts are a major part of any community's integration between education and cultural adaptability. Expression, passion, and creativity all come together when the music and performance muscles are flexed, giving its participants and its participant's communities a great sense of pride. Disney hosts the greatest pedestal for this opportunity with Walt Disney's Magic Music Days, a performing showcase flavored with education and VIP theme park experience.

Walt Disney Magic Music Days is an opportunity for school and performance groups to be introduced to the "ins"and "outs"of the performance industry by professionals in their field. These school and community groups get together at Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland to meet professionals and perform for the guests of the park. Everything from dance troupes to marching bands to even theater teams can take part in Magic Music Days because it is set up for not only music, but performing arts as well. Artistic growth, discipline, and team work are all encouraged immensely at Disney's Magic Music Days, all of which are reinforced at a world renowned venue. Each park has several areas to perform in from amphitheaters to indoor theaters, all the way to the Cosmic Ray's Starlite Cafe in Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland. If you are part of a marching band, you may have the ability to perform on the same parade route as your favorite Disney in park parade. Some groups will have the honor of marching in a Disney Parade!

Disney band performance

Magic Music Days sets the bar for the evaluation of performing arts. With over 20 years dedicated to this educational program, Disney will be celebrating its 25 year in 2010. Millions of performers have partaken in this amazing experience with many more to come in the future. Performing groups also have the ability to experience the park with a VIP treatment. Groups get to see the backstage areas that regular guests are not allowed to see. While photography and video are prohibited in these "backstage" areas, pictures are taken of the groups by Disney prior to the performance or workshop experience. Special seating for shows along with barbeques and other dining experiences in special areas of the park are offered to participants of this great program.

Performance is not the only facet of this program. Performance groups are also accessible to workshops and clinics that allow its participants to hone their skills as performers, dancers, musicians, and the like. These workshops and clinics are run by Disney Cast members who are also professionals in their field. Some clinics are 90 minutes long and give students a feel for what professional studio musicians, singers, and dancers experience in their professions. Clinics can be up to three hours long and cover a Disney melody which is played back to Disney animation or live action film. After the workshop, a Disney character will greet the participants and thank them for their work. A DVD of the performance is also given to the performing group to catalog their

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This program is great for inspiring performance professionals and avid fans of performing all the same. Disney's Magic Music Days is full of fun, education, and experience which is complemented by the amazing venues, great crowds, and family infused environment. For the best experience that will last a lifetime, Disney's Magic Music days is the way to go. Requirements for any one of the park's programs are an application accompanied by a group photo and a video of a performance. The group must then pass an audition (in Disneyland Hong Kong and Disneyland California).

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