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A Beginner's Guide to Disney Discounts

We all love a discount.  If you're going to a dinner, finding a coupon for a free Bloomin' Onion or 2-for-1 dinner is just what we're looking for.  If you go to buy a dress or suit, you're looking for that sale sign in the store window.  We wouldn't dare buy that Coach purse at $300, but look!  It's on SALE for $185!  That's a discount!  I'll take it!

And one of the most expensive items of your year may very well be your vacation this year.  Especially if you are headed to Orlando Florida and Walt Disney World Resort.  A family of 4 coming to Orlando can plan on spending over $2000 for their Orlando vacation, and that's not including airfare if needed or stuffed animals or a Tshirt for your best friend.  Orlando vacations are an expensive proposition.

But there are ways to save money.  Disney discounts are available if you know where to look.  And they're not all scams.  When I talk to families coming to vacation in Orlando about discounts on their Disney tickets or on their Disney hotel, the first thing I hear is "I don't wanna do no TIMESHARE!".  Yes, the timeshare industry has made it difficult for the regular discount ticket seller to get his message out there.  But believe me when I tell you, there are plenty of Disney discounts available that have NO 2 hour timeshare presentation, NO $20 deposits, NO required stays on a particular property.....they're just savings from companies that are able to purchase discount tickets at a bulk rate and sell them to you at a discount.  That's it!  Just purchase cheaper than you would at the gate.

Now, not all savings are created equal.  A 1 day Disney pass is not going to be any cheaper than going to the gate.  Ticket discount sellers are able to offer the best prices when you buy longer, multi-day tickets.  And Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede is not going to be discounted as much as Arabian Nights.  That's just the way it is.  Some theme parks and dinner shows offer better discounts.

So below, we'll try and show you some of the places you can go to get a Disney discount and save on your next vacation to Orlando.  Whether it's on airfare, hotel, restaurants or tickets, the savings are there.  You just have to be patient and look around for them.

Discount Airfare - Discounts on airfares are not hard to find.  They're just hard to separate.  The big sites all offer basically the same prices.  The best suggestion here is to compare 2 or 3 sites, find the flight you like most, then go to the airline home page for that flight.  You might be able to save some buy skipping the travel website in favor of the actual airline.

Discount Hotels and Accommodations - Here is where alot of money can be saved.  Or a lot of money can be wasted.  Many families want to stay ON Disney property to really experience as much of the Magic Kingdom as they can.  That's great!  Those are really nice resort hotels.  But DON'T buy your tickets as part of that package!  Did you read that?  DON'T BUY YOUR DISCOUNT DISNEY TICKETS in the hotel room package!  Buying that package can be restricting to your vacation planning, does not have the best savings and leaves out some of the best parts of an Orlando vacation.  They don't include Universal Studios in that package for example.  Or Arabian Nights.  Or SeaWorld.  So you might end up buying more Discount Disney ticket days than you really need if you plan on going to any of the attractions off Disney property.  Book your hotel room AND THEN put together your ticket package based on a day by day analysis of how long you will be here. More on tickets below. One of the biggest ways to save money is to consider renting a vacation home and not many people think of this option.  Why would you want to stay 7 days or 10 days in a cramped hotel room (or 2 rooms or 3 rooms if you are a large family or group) without many of the luxuries that are available in a vacation home?  Wouldn't a full kitchen be nice for those tired evenings when you don't have the energy to go out?  Or those early morning breakfasts when you'd like to save a little cash by having milk and cereal?  How about a private enclosed pool to enjoy as much as you want, whenever you want without distraction?  Or a private jacuzzi?  Or a pool table and game room to relax?  The price is usually as cheap as a single hotel room and certainly cheaper than multiple rooms.  And most vacation homes are just as close to the attractions.  Orlando vacation homes are a definite money saver.

Disney Tickets - Here is another great place to save money.  Discount Disney tickets can be found at a variety of websites, so we've tried to boil down the 2 or 3 that consistently have the best prices.  You can also see if you qualify for a timeshare tour to earn Free Disney Tickets.  Just be sure to look over the qualifications and understand that you've gotta give up 2 hours of your day.  But free tickets are free tickets.  Otherwise, just choose one of these partners.  Prices don't vary much between sites so don't spend too much time digging to save $1 on a ticket.  Your time can be better spent preparing for the trip. is our flagship site.  It's been around forever, shows up all over the internet, has great Better Business Bureau reputation and is a certified CLIA and IATA travel agent.  Toll Free number.  Fast delivery.  What more can you ask for?

Group Travel - if you have a church group, school group, large family or scout group, this site can give you additional group ticket discounts that are usually not available from other discount Disney tickets sellers.

Rental Cars - Another seldom thought about savings area.  Shop around.  Budget rental car might be cheaper over Easter weekend than Thrifty rental car.  Many of these sites will do side by side comparisons.  Others focus on 1 or 2 companies but have really great deals.  There are coupons and codes for rental car discounts all over the web so search as many sites as possible.  And, unlike tickets and hotels, rental car rates change daily based on supply.  So check back frequently.  Luckily, at most places, you can reserve a car without a deposit.  So keep the cheapest one reserved while you look for another.

Restaurant Coupons - If you come on vacation, as the commercial says, you gotta eat!  There are plenty of great restaurants in Orlando and there are plenty of cheap places to eat and ways to save money.  Visit some of the coupon sites below to save or if you are at a Vacation Home Rental, visit Publix or another local grocery store to save money by cooking your own meals.

August 7, 2008

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