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One of the most nobel, loving, caring and family oriented mammals in the marine world is the Killer Whale (all animal lovers in the world uses the word Orca, which is its proper name).

One thing is to see this beautiful creature doing its tricks and pirouettes as it is signaled by their trainer. another different thing is to see what happens on the backstage, where you are having a one on one with the most impressive performer in the world, Shamu.

However, SeaWorld Orlando has changed that, by creating one of the most amazing experiences you could have, Dine With Shamu at SeaWorld Orlando!

From the moment you enter into the area, you'll be greeted by a knowledgeable and friendly trainer, which will escort you to your table. You'll be treated with a wonderful select menu that includes deliciously taste items that will make you lick your fingers.

Your menu includes fruits and vegetables, either seafood plates or beef sirloin, turkey breast, pork, which are featuring sustainable, organic, seasonal or locally grown ingredients that minimized the environmental impact to animals and their habitat. And this is truly amazing and reason to be praised. Don't forget that SeaWorld Orlando has also kept in mind the little ones in the family, and they created a tasty menu for the Little Ones in the house! Also, if you have any type of food allergies, makes sure to note those at the time of booking this experience.

As you eat, you'll see the trainers explaining the way they communicate with Shamu, and also, you'll be surprise with the ease that this mammal moves and does its trick....moreso, you'll feel the awesome feeling of having a wonderful peek and unique experience of seeing Shamu that close to you! Also, an experienced trainer will give you a valuable resource on the ocean and its habitat and how can we save this incredible creatures!

It is an unbelievable experience that you'll have to try! it will be unforgettable and memorable. It is an experience unlike any other, and you'll be able to have the first row of the action and seeing the most recognizable star in the mammal world, Shamu!

Only you'll find this at SeaWorld, so please contact our friendly agents and ask them how can you book "Dine With Shamu at SeaWorld Orlando"!

Family time with Shamu

Dine with Shamu Menu

  • Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Certified Sustainable Seafood
  • All natural grain fed Beef Sirloin
  • Oven roasted turkey breast
  • 100% natural pork loin with no preservatives or additives
  • Seasonal accompaniments
  • Fresh breads baked daily by our skilled SeaWorld bakers
  • Signature desserts
Buy your dDine with Shamu Tickets right here!

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