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Cypress Gardens Tickets

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Cypress Gardens is now CLOSED - Legoland is out there now!!

Cypress Gardens TicketsCypress Gardens Adventure Park

Set along a boardwalk in the old-style of amusement parks, the newly re-designed Cypress Gardens Adventure Park is anything but a leisurely stroll in the park. Now accommodating the thrill-seeker, Cypress Gardens will definitely satisfy your hunger for adventure. With over 40 rides there is plenty to do and see and experience.

In Billy Boy's Opinion
Cypress Gardens is the hidden jewel of the Orlando theme parks. It is place where the whole family can have fun for an entire day, at the very least. They have roller coasters that are just as good, if not better than, Thunder Mountain in Disney. Plus, there are over 40 rides to choose from! And, on top of that, there are no long lines to wait in. There's even a water park to go to that's included on the ticket. Hold Billy Boy to his word on this one: Cypress Gardens is a great buy.

If you love the wonderful botanical gardens and the spectacular water ski shows, then you could call Cypress Gardens a little piece of Heaven. Cypress Gardens still has its heart in the beauty of nature and that is evident in all of the beautifully maintained botanical gardens there. Also, the show that made Cypress Gardens the "Water Ski Capitol of the World" still runs daily.

And don't forget about the Splash Island Water Park! As we all know, Florida can get hot. Splash Island is the perfect place for you and your family to cool down.

So, whether you're going to Cypress Gardens for Adventure, or the beautiful gardens and water ski shows, or to have a soaking wet time at Splash Island, Cypress Gardens has everything you and your family would love.


Featured Attractions at Cypress Gardens
The Thunderbolt!
Make a slow climb up a tower of formidable height and then prepare yourself for the plunge! This is what it feels like to be a lightning bolt being hurled from the heavens!
The Swamp Thing
Emerge from the depths of deep and murky swamp to be sling-shot through the air in twists and turns as your feet dangle loosely in the air!
The Triple Hurricane
Three hurricanes ravaged the state of Florida and Cypress Gardens when it was remodeling. But, one structure withstood the force of the hurricane winds and remains standing and functioning today, the Triple Hurricane!

More Rides....

Thrill Rides
Power Surge
Galaxy Spin
Delta Kite Flyers
Fiesta Express
Okeechobee Rampage
Pharaoh’s Fury

Kids Rides
Tiny Trotters
Dizzy Dragons
Super Truckers
Gear Jammers
Junior Rampmasters
Red Baron
Rio Grande Train
Stars & Stripes
Upsy Daisy
Rides for the Family
Sunshine Sky Adventure
Rockin’ Tug
Fire Brigade
Boardwalk Carousel
Citrus Line Railroad
Cypress Cove Ferry Line
Fun Slide
Jalopy Junction
Mega Bounce


Splash Island Water Park

Included in your admission to Cypress Gardens, the Splash Island Water is the best place to spend a hot day at. With plenty of thrills and relaxing rides, you can definitely make a day of it. Here's list of some of the rides:
  • Voo Doo Plunge
  • Tonga Tubes
  • Polynesian Adventure
  • Paradise River
  • Kowabunga Bay

We purchase our Cypress Gardens tickets in bulk. We then pass the savings to our customers to prevent them from paying gate price. Please call us at (321) 939-2043 to speak with a representative for more details. We will look forward to helping you build a vacation package to Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven Florida!

January 1, 2013