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Can you prepare yourself for something that you can't prepare for? Can you ready your mind for an experience that will be out-of-mind? Can you question the nature of questions? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? You'll find the answer to these paradoxes (except maybe for the last one) in a show called La Nouba, a creation from minds at Cirque du Soleil.

If you could describe La Nouba you could call it an "assault of the senses" and this assault begins even before you enter the building. The structure that houses this incredible show is amazing itself. It is shaped like a gigantic circus tent but it isn't made canvas, its made out of concrete. Its a 160 feet tall and can seat over 1600 guests in 73,800 sq. ft. of showroom. The stage itself is 173 feet by 112 feet and the performance uses up every square inch. There is state of art lighting and audio devices throughout the arena as well.

Visually you will be stunned by the amazing display of acrobatics and feats of skill. The performers (there are 72 of them from all over the world) will do things that you wouldn't think are humanly possible. And behind every feat of daring there is the underlying rhythm of music and story which makes each acrobatic twist or turn have purpose. It all comes together to make a thing of artistic beauty and resonance. That's why the show is critically acclaimed the world over.

The show has its origins in the mind of the genius visionary and one time street performer, Guy Laliberte. He named after the French expression "faire la noube" which translates into "to party, to live it up!" in the English language. You'll see why the show is named in this manner because of its high energy and upbeat progression of story. La Noube is a sure bet to amaze and win the hearts all the members of your family. It is an experience not to be missed.

There are no shows on Sundays or Mondays. We are able to sell you these because we buy bulk blocks of tickets at a discount and can offer them to you at tremendous savings.

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La Nouba, Guest Testimonial

I never expected this show to be so good. I've gone to Las Vegas and seen some of the shows they have over there and let me tell you, those shows set the bar. So, when I came over here to Orlando I remember thinking, "this should be entertaining, but I don't expect it to even come close to Vegas." Well, very much to my own surprise, I was wrong in that thinking.

The show was great. I saw things there that I was definitely not expecting. First off, I had heard about the show before, but I had no real idea of what was actually going to happen. And when things did start to happen, it was all-over the place. Its really hard to keep your eyes on just one part of the action, the stage itself is so huge and there's always something happening in one corner or the other (and at the same time too). There are crazy stunts along with crazy rhythmic dancing and music that comes together in a strange yet beautiful way.

I have 2 favorite sequences that were just amazing to me. One was when the little girls with the strings and sticks came out. These little girls did some amazing stunts with those strings and sticks. They pulled out some unbelievable acrobatics while maintaining their balance and rhythm. My other favorite sequence is when they pulled out the trampolines. These guys were doing like 20 flips and twists on these things. I was an awe. I've never seen anything like this show before. I plan on going again in the very near future.

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