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ShieKra sign illuminated at nightSheiKra is the newest ride at Busch Gardens, not only is it the newest it has quickly become one of the favorite rides in Florida as well! Many of our returning guests that have been to Busch Gardens usually always come back with a positive review of the ride and have a story to tell about it as well. SheiKra puts your bravery to the test in this gravity defying ride, not everyone can handle such thrill that this fierce, floorless, blazing-fast steel coaster has to offer.

Standing tall in Busch Gardens you cannot miss the large red and blue coaster that towers over you just testing your braveness as it dares you to ride it. Nearly everyone who has been on SheiKra will admit not only is the ride scary by itself the fact that it’s floorless takes it to a whole new extreme. If you’ve got the guts to take on this thrilling steel adventure you can be our guest, and don’t forget to come back and tell us about it!

After a 200 foot climb to the top of the first lift hill, this coaster takes you just over the edge of a nearly 90-degree drop. And pauses, no questions asked it’s just you and everything beneath you for a good 4 seconds. (We’ve even had some customers come in and tell us they thought the ride was broken for what seemed like an eternity at that height) For these 4 seconds you will be how soon this coaster will drop and when you least expect it ShieKra Stalls at the height of it's dropyou are plunging straight down right into the ground below you and the rest of the ride is jam packed with inversions that will blow your mind. These inversions include an Immelmann loop and a second dive into an underground tunnel and the ride finally ends with a surprise twist for those who look on - because with SheiKra, even the brave cannot escape.

This ride was intricately designed to replicate the movements of the bird it was named after, the actions this roller coaster take are not comparable to any other coaster in Florida this ride will truly have your feet shaking in fear before you even begin moving, there’s only one thing left to do- Ride It!

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Now, I'm not gonna lie. Sheikra had me scared. I just kept thinking about that crazy drop. The thing drops STRAIGHT DOWN. There's no slope. Just straight down like you're jumping out of a plane. (Now I have sky-dived before, so I was prepared...slightly). So, since I was scared, that meant that I had to ride in the very front. In fact, that's the best way to ride it, right in the front. You might have to wait a little longer, but you do get a full view of the ground beneath you (which is 200 feet below) before you race face down into it. So, when I did ride it, I'll tell you what, that drop WAS crazy. You really do feel weight-less for a couple of seconds and then you zoom into this loop where you do a like a 360 degree twist. Now, the part that really caught me off guard was the SECOND drop. I thought I was done with that 90-degree-drop-non-sense but then I got hit with another one. This ride had me thrilled from start to finish.

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January 1, 2011