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Scorpion SignThis ride has always been known for its masterful design and looping track that have riders thrilled and dizzy long after they get off of it. The effect you get from this ride has been said to make it easy to fall under the Scorpion's spell. Designed by Anton Schwarzkopf, the Scorpion is one of the rarest coasters in the world considering the fact that it’s one of three in the world, just because this coaster isn’t mass produced or widely known doesn’t take away it’s credibility for being such a thrilling coaster. The attention to detail that went into building this thrill machine is unlike any other. You can just take a ride on this coaster and it automatically feels different than anything you’ve ever been on.

Though this ride is not as large as the others and may not feature as much inversions it’s still a must ride if you are in Busch Gardens. As you’re making your way up the lift hill you will see a horizon of blue and red steel. Bending to your right and going down a sleep slope you are directed by the track to go into your first vertical loop. A very unique thing about this ride is the fact that the cart sits so low to the ground, at parts of the ride you almost feel like you are just hovering above the ground. Before you know it you are picked up Scorpion ride coming near to the groundagain and riding on the side waiting your next set of inversions. Well believe it or not there is only one, and you already went through it! However during the remainder of the ride you face an intense spinning circle and then land in the loading dock.

This ride is to replicate the race through the desert at speeds of more than 50 miles an hour. Then feel the sting of the scorpion as you dive into a 360-degree vertical loop, where the force will send you spiraling forward for an unforgettable ride.

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Man I've been to Busch Gardens a bajillion times and I always ride the scorpion, it makes me so dizzy is crazy! Is super fast and I get so freaked out when I get so closed to the ground it's almost like sparks are about to fly cause it looks like the coaster is going to rub against the ground! I will always ride this ride when I go to Busch Gardens no matter how old I get. My wife hates it because it is just to much for her but my kids love it and cant get enough of it, they get off of the ride and go right back in line for it. If you go to Busch Gardens you have to ride this!

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January 1, 2011