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Montu SignMontu was at one point in time holding the championship for the most amazing roller coaster at Busch Gardens. With a whopping 7 inversions that had the thrill seekers going wild every time they got on this ride- not only is it a favorite at Busch Gardens it has also proven itself to be one of the tallest and longest inverted coasters in the world.

The first thing that you’ll notice about Montu is that it is unlike most coasters you’ve ever been on. It is a hanging coaster which adds to the overall effect to the riding experience. The beginning of this ride is no surprise-you make your way up a large lift hill. As you get to the peak of the lift hill you make a sharp turn to your left as the ride turns on its side and you make your way down at a high rate of speed. Your first close encounter is with one of the scariest things you can come into at such high speeds, the ground. It feels like your feet are only inches away from the ground as you pass right over it. After your close encounter with the ground you do a vertical loop, now remember this is a hanging coaster so this experience is probably a lot different than you would expect! Your second close encounter is when you enter the tunnel, at this point you feel as if the roof, both walls, and the floor are just a few inches away from touching you. Montu Riders coming around a turnAfter the tunnel you enter a series of corkscrews and cobra rolls that will have your head spinning for the remainder of the ride. The ride then features two more close encounters with the ground and a false loading dock that actually serves as a braking process to slow the coaster down. And before you know it you face another vertical loop! And a few more spins and the ride has ended.

Montu was named for an ancient Egyptian god of war and just by what the name means alone you can already infer that this coaster is not a joke, conquering this coaster is a challenge that will test your courage at every turn and will also challenge you to hold on as the top speeds will exceed your expectations.

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Gwazi, Sheikra, and Kumba were all awesome rides. But the best ride of the day was Montu. From what I heard about it, I was expecting the ride to be good. But it blew away my expectations. This floorless coaster kicked butt and took names from start to finish. In the beginning of the ride you have that big drop but, Montu literally throws a twist in that old rollercoaster formula. You do a complete corkscrew in that first drop. It was awesome! From that point on you knew you were in for a ride and Montu did not disappoint. The things that Montu did were not out of the ordinary for a roller-coaster, but everything was executed with style. You never hit anything straight on. Everything was done from an angle so it added to the momentum. One of my favorite parts of the ride was when you got swung into a series of tight spaces. I felt like the coaster was getting WAY to close to the walls. And you were going so fast the whole time. The speed felt like it was at a constant 70mph, even through the tight spaces! I had to ride this bad boy twice because it was so good. The first time I rode up front and you could really feel the wind blasting past your face. I would be yelling but I couldn't hear my yell cause the wind would just shove it back down my throat again. The second time I rode in the back and I felt every little tug and pull. It felt like I was a little doll tied to a string attached to a jet fighter. It was an awesome. Montu is my new favorite ride.

January 1, 2011