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Kumba SignKumba is the term natives use when referring to the roar a lion gives off from a distance as you cross into it’s territory to warn the trespassers of their actions. Expect that same feeling of fear as you load onto the only coaster in the world worthy enough to take the name of Kumba. Effect of the roller coaster is so intense people would compare it to feeling the lion’s breath on the back of your neck!

With a view of the loop in the horizon you make your way up the lift hill knowing that this is not going to be an easy ride. The first drop is definitely the smallest one on the ride, you probably wont even feel it to be completely honest after the minor drop you make your way around a left bend and it all goes downhill from there, literally. You are take down the coaster into an underground section of the land and before you get aboveground the next thing you know, you’re headed for a vertical loop which is the first inversion of the ride. As you get to the end of the loop you are put underground once again! You get yourself aboveground and begin into a cobra roll and eventually into another vertical loop. After the vertical loop you are put into a corkscrew and put onto a flat loading ramp type area. Don’t get used to it because just as soon as you realize it you’re off again going underground and dig horizontal spins. Around this time is when the ride gets even more intense, the tunnels come into play as you zoom through nearly hitting the walls and ceilings after you pass through the tunnels that mark the nearing end of the ride, Kumba Riders spinnging aroud the second loopas everything slows down you are brought to the unloading dock where you will unload yourselves from the ride.

Coaster enthusiasts around the world all agree that Kumba is one of the worlds greatest roller coasters-and it wasn’t just a one time prize either. Kumba has consistently ranked among the top roller coaster since the day it was opened to the public; this coaster is just another legendary beast that Busch Gardens has created of the time. Kumba will play with your emotions as it takes you from hair-raising heights to absolute weightlessness all while going through seven inversions, another important feature of Kumba is that it has the grace and speed of this magnificent predator it takes after.

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Kumba was the only coaster I had ridden previously at Busch Gardens (I went a long time ago when I was still in elementary school). So, going into it, I wondered if it still packed the same punch. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. This ride still kicks butt. It's real fast and does lots of loops, twists, and corkscrews. Standing in the short line to ride it, you can hear the ride coming. It actually sounds like a roar when it passes overhead. Once I got on it I still got that thrill I had felt so many years ago. Kumba is a steel coaster, so it rides smooth and fast. This ride definitely still is one of my favorites.

January 1, 2011