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Taking off on Busch Garden's only roller coaster, GwaziWith only a few roller coasters remotely similar to it Gwazi is a gigantic roller coaster six fly-bys meaning that not only is this beast large and in charge it’s also a record breaking ride as well so not only will you be able to conquer your fears on this ride you will also tell people that you were among the brave that have taken a ride on this record breaking coaster. And as old as it is Gwazi still reigns as one of the largest and fastest wooden double roller coasters on the planet! All aspects of this roller coaster provide a unique experience for everyone that comes into contact with it. Some of our customers have never ridden a wooden roller coaster, and a majority of them have never even heard of one! All of our returning customers agree that riding a wooden roller coaster has an entirely different feel than the traditional steel coaster and should be experienced at least once!

Crossing its tracks at speeds of 100 miles an hour, it's easy to see why this coaster has been recognized with so many consecutive awards by coaster enthusiasts and considered a legend among coaster fans and theme park goers. This ride is almost impossible to miss, though it doesn’t have bright colors that the steel coasters do – the strong wooden structure with thousands of wooden cross members stands out among the other rides at Busch Gardens and possibly most of the rides you’ve ever seen in your life.

The ride begins just as any other roller coaster would; you are climbing up a large lift hill getting higher and higher until you reach the top. At the top of the hill you make yourself around a small bend and the action begins you immediately drop down and spin around a sharp left turn and the next thing you’re know you’re Arial View of Gwazispeeding towards a right turn. This ride is noted for twisting and turning passengers as fast as physics allow! This ride does not have any major inversions, but if you find us someone crazy enough to build and ride a wooden vertical loop we would love to meet them!

This ride was named for a mythical animal with the body of a lion and the head of a tiger, journey into the big cat’s territory as you and the other riders race along these massive wooden tracks. Overall this ride is a great and unique experience for everyone and anyone eligible to ride it so if you’re a thrill seeker in the Central Florida area be sure to take advantage of the behemoth.

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I started off with Gwazi, which is 2 coasters in one ride. I thought this was great coaster. You know, I wondered why Busch Gardens built these old fashioned wooden coasters. You'd think with all the advances in roller coaster technology, wooden coasters would be a thing of the past. Then I rode Gwazi and I figured out why they built it. With steel coasters, even though you're doing some crazy twists and turns, you never really feel like you're about to fall out of your seat. With wooden coasters, you don't feel so secure. I don't know if its all the clanking or what, but when I was racing along the track on the Tiger side, it felt like if that cart took one more turn too quick I was gonna end up on the ground somewhere. So, when I got that sensation, it prompted me to put my hands up so I could feel it even more. This is why I loved Gwazi.

January 1, 2011