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Congo River Rapids

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Congo River Rapids SignAll of the world’s greatest explorers and even some vacationers would agree that the Congo River is jam packed with legendary rapids that can not be compared to anywhere else in this world. Even with such a mean reputation there are still some people who embark on journeys and take on the risk of going against the rapids. Hop aboard on this bright yellow raft and begin on a white water rafting expedition where you will expect to be thrown down a racing river, thrilling plunges, looming waterfalls and a tossed into a water cave full of surprises. Just like you would if you were riding on the real Congo River!

The ride first starts off as you make your way down a calm winding strip of water with very little to no waves, as you are making your way down this track you hear crashing waves getting louder and louder as you get closer and closer to them. As you make your way around these twists and turns you will crash into the stone walls and splash water all over whomever the unlucky person is that’s sitting on the side of impact. After a bit of crashing and splashing you pass under a bridge and you see a tunnel in the horizon. As you are in the tunnel the sound of crashing waves resonates and is intensified. You exit the tunnel and then enter another series of winding river with an entirely new set of bumps and splashes. This part of the ride is when things get tough, the waves are larger and faster pushing the raft in almost every direction you can imagine. When the curves and bends end you are faced with a very narrow path with waterfalls on both sides after you make it through the waterfalls the ride begins to slow down and you have then reached the end of the ride where you will hop off board on the unloading dock and enjoy some more rides at Busch Gardens!

Congo River Rapids SplashYou can ride the Congo River Rapids a million times and none of the two would be the same! - Even on the same raft on the same day, ride after ride. When riding on the Congo River Rapids you have no idea what’s coming up next or where you’re going to go – you simply just “go with the flow” the whole time. It doesn’t matter if you're riding high on its waves creating a thick foam underneath and to the side of the raft or getting soaked by a clear gigantic wave that’s crashing in the distance, The Congo River Rapids is a ride that has one of the highest passenger return rates in Florida because it basically gets different every time you’re on it.

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So it all starts off on a hot summer day we were walking in Busch Gardens and all I see is the gigantic water ride and I didn't even hesitate to get in line and to bring my friends with me, there was almost no line for this ride at all - probably because we went really early in the morning almost when the park opened up and ended up at the ride at about 12:00 when the day was at the peak temperatur, well all that aside this ride is the bomb! we got super soaked and loved every minute of it-at first I was the one that was getting splashed all the time and then when my friends all thought it was funny to laugh the river kept splashing them as I sat back and laughed at them. This is a great ride to go on with all your friends and laugh together.
-Cooper Ruthford

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January 1, 2011