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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay Florida is a one-of-a-kind theme park. You'll find thrills for the adventure seekers, exotic flora and fauna for the observer, and delightful shows for the young and young at heart. With some of the world's most innovative roller coasters and rides, Busch Gardens is sure to please the Adventure junkie. Come and enjoy the lightning quick coasters, take a splash on one of the many water rides, or enjoy the world class shows at that feature exotic birds and animals. We offer the lowest prices online for Busch Gardens Tickets! Choose which ticket package best suites your needs from the price chart below. We have combinations including SeaWorld and Aquatica. If you need help or suggestions for selecting a ticket package for your party, you may call one of our friendly representatives at (321) 939-2043. Enjoy your vacation!

Adventure Island Tampa Bay
Discover Adventure Island, the water park located right next to Busch Gardens! Experience all kinds of water-themed amusement at this one of a kind water park! Ride the Aruba Tuba, Calypso Coaster, Caribbean Corkscrew, and many more fantastic water rides that are great for the whole family! Save on your visit by purchasing discount Adventure Island tickets before you go!

Discount Busch Gardens Tickets

Busch Gardens in Tampa is home of some of the best roller coasters in the world. Come enjoy the most thrilling coaster and some of the best safari rides and animal shows in the world. The following tickets allow you access to Busch Gardens.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Rides, Shows and Experiences

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Information and Ticket Discounts
  • Cobra's Curse - NEW
    Located in the Egypt area, the all-new Cobra's Curse is a first of its kind family spin coaster. You will be taken for a spin, literally. First, you will face forward, then turned backwards, and lastly you will put into a free-spin. And get ready to come face to fang with the 80ft tall Snake King!
  • Congo River Rapids
    The world’s greatest explorers would all agree that the rapids of the legendary Congo River can not be compared to anywhere else. Today, there are still some people who take on the risk of going against the rapids. Embark on a white water rafting expedition that will send you down a racing river, thrilling plunges, looming waterfalls and a water cave full of surprises.
  • Montu
    Sheikra has definitely given this ride some competition, but it is hard to dethrone the King. When it comes to inverted roller-coasters, this bad boy is the longest and the tallest. Montu flies along its track at 60mph and plunges through loops, corkscrews, and twists that pull at you at 3.85 G-force strength. And all the while, your feet are dangling beneath you. Here are some words of wisdom; strap in, hold on tight, and do not wear sandals because you are in for a thrill.
  • Scorpion
    Anton Schwarzkopf designed a legendary roller coaster that had riders head over heels before they even got on the ride and while they were on it as well, the Scorpion is very rare coaster in fact there is only 3 of it’s kind left today! Race through the desert at speeds up to 50 miles an hour. Then dive into a 360-degree vertical loop, where the massive amount of force will send you spiraling forward for an unforgettable ride.
  • SheiKra
    SheiKra is one of the craziest coasters ever made. It takes the concept of the "big drop" to a whole new level. If you're going to ride a real roller-coaster, you know its going to have a steep drop. Well, SheiKra has a steep drop, the steepest drop there is: this drop is at a 90 degree angle. That's 200 feet straight down. Then the Immelmann loop, the water feature, and the second 90 degree drop. What it comes down to with SheiKra is this: you ride only if you got guts.
  • Tanganyika Tidal Wave
    This ride has one basic purpose: and that is to soak your from head to toe. This is essentially what Tanganyika Tidal Wave is all about. Do not be fooled by the seemingly slow and leisurely pace of this ride, it is a disguise. It makes your mind at ease so that when that the 55-foot drop does come, it blind sides you. You have been warned. Wearing your best Sunday outfit while riding this ride would be a big mistake. Spectators waiting on the bridge are not safe either.

Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  • Falcon's Fury
    Standing at 335 feet, Falcon's Fury is the tallest free-standing drop tower on the North American Continent. However, what really makes this ride unique is that before riders are dropped, the seats re-position to face down towards ground.
  • Cheetah Hunt
    One of the newest and greatest rides in Busch Garden's legendary roller-coaster legacy is Cheetah Hunt. Feel what is like to chase down prey on the savannah with the speed of a cheetah when you are launched at speeds pushing past 60 mph!
  • Stanley Falls
    This unique log flume ride has the tendency to please passengers at the best time, which is when you're ready for a nice refreshing splash of water to cool you down from the hot Florida sun. Though everyone can use a quick cool down, these falls aren't for the non-thrill seeking riders. Riders are rushed along a current and down a 40-foot drop before splashing to the base of these racing falls. This will be one of the few times of your life where you’ll be relaxed and scared at the same time!
  • Kumba
    Kumba is a classic. This is just a good, get your heart-pumping, coaster that has out-performed again and again. It has all the elements that a good coaster should; it has a 135 foot drop, plenty of loops and corkscrews, and it tears along at a great pace. This is one of those rides were if you skip it, it would be like you never went to Busch Gardens in the first place.
Cobra's Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Discount Tickets

Serengeti Safari

Ever wanted to visit the African Plain and explore the abundant wildlife? Well, here at Busch Gardens Tampa you hop on board a spacious open-aired touring bus and claim a spot for a trek around the Serengeti on the unforgettable adventure Serengeti Safari. This African plain stretches over sixty five acres and is a nearly perfect replication of the last great migration on earth.

On the Serengeti Safari you will see hundreds of fascinating animals all going about their daily lives. You will have close up encounters with some of the most exotic animals on the planet. Animals like Zebras, Giraffes, Ostriches and more of everyone’s favorites freely walk the plains. Some of these animals you will have the opportunity to feed by hand! Be sure to have your cameras ready, because this tour will have some amazing photo opportunities.

Space on board the tour bus is limited, so reservations are strongly encouraged.

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