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Big Toho Airboat Rides

Big Toho Airboat Ride Tickets

Have you ever thought about gliding across the water AND the land?  To be able to see all of the great nature of the Florida Everglades from a seat just inches above the surface of the water?  How about seeing Alligators, Heron and all of the diverse wildlife that a trip to Florida offers, while safely nestled into an airboat?  Then visiting Big Toho Airboat Rides is THE MUST SEE attraction in Central Florida.

This inexpensive tour of the waters that help create the incredible Florida Everglades lasts 1 hour and will have you on the edge of your seat.  With state-of-the-art airboats capable of reaching speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour, you'll glide across the water and across thick marsh and weed beds that a typical boat could NEVER navigate.

Big Toho Airboat Truck

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There is NO BETTER WAY to see nature in Florida as it was originally....long before the theme parks...long before I-4 .... there was Lake Toho!....and you can see it in all of it's glory.

Florida Everglades tour  see florida alligators

Directions to Big Toho Airboats

Located just past the marina on Kissimmee Lakefront. You can take Neptune Rd. to the lakefront and follow it just past the playground. Big Toho has big BLUE trucks and you'll see the crew out there daily. They have 2 boats.

It's an adventure like nothing you've ever done before. There's plenty of time to take pictures and sight see as the captains are all great about slowing down and stopping in highly scenic areas. The captain will take the time to point out alligators and other wildlife. They've been through these swampy areas hundreds of times and know right where the "BIG ONES" like to sleep and sun themselves.

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May 1, 2013