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Dolphin Plunge

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Top of the Dolphin PlungeFrom our customers experience we can tell you that Dolphin Plunge is one of Aquatica's most famous rides, nearly all of our returning guests that have previously been to Aquatica want to go back for one major reason - to ride the Dolphin Plunge. We all know someone or at least know of someone that has swam with dolphins and completely love the experience, now on this ride its your turn. You won't get an extreme amount of one on one time with these sea creatures but you will get the full experience of swimming near them, which actually feels like you're swimming with them once you disregard the clear tube you're in! You blast down this clear tube and what the dolphins do around you is unpredictable, some of our report customers have said that the dolphins have spiraled around the tube, swam upside down, and one person even claimed that a dolphin did a flip in the air!

Dolphin PlungeLike any other water ride you start sitting at the top of a tube looking down, as the ride operator instructs you to go, you push off into a tube where you'll quickly glide through. A few seconds into the tube everything will become dark, this is one of the best parts of the ride because you never know which way you're going all you know is you're just going with the flow-literally. After you make it through the dark zone you enter a new zone which is also dark but the sides of the tube are accented with slits that let a bit of sunlight in and you should enjoy it because it doesn't last for too long and before you know it you're in the dark zone once again! As you make your way around a turn you'll begin to see lights at the end of the tunnel, or at least you think it's the end. You exit the dark tube and enter a clear one which submerges under water where you will see all of the dolphins playing around with each other and once they notice you, they tend to swim right up and race you, or just play around. The clear tube then ends and turns into a blue tube and you will exit into a splash pool.

This ride is great for everyone, people of all ages. We've had some visitors who have swam with dolphins come back and tell us with was better than swimming with the dolphins because of hose fast you're going and how more energy is involved. If you are a thrill seeking person who wants to take a ride with some of the most gentle creatures in the world Dolphin Plunge at Aquatica is the ride you want to be on!

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