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Aquatica LogoIntroducing AQUATICA! - This brand new, one of a kind water park is just what Orlando has been waiting for and it's something only SeaWorld could bring you. Ever dream of floating on a river amid color fish and rolling rapids? How about slides and flumes that will spin you and soak you? The signature ride at Aquatica is the 2 awesome, enclosed tube slides that will send you speeding through a lagoon filled with playful, friendly Dolphins! With a gigantic double wave pool and a white sand beach, Aquatica has it all and the fun is endless.

Ihu Break Away Falls - Now Open

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Aquatica Water Park Tickets

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Omaka Rocka Live ShotNow just 1 year old, the Aquatica water park is a fun-filled adventure for the whole family. Located, and made by SeaWorld this park has won awards for being both clean and very entertaining. If your looking for a water park in central Florida area, then go to Aquatica!

All New Ride: Omaka Rocka!
Now Open! The all-new water slide, Omaka Rocka, thrills you with high-speed tubes and half-pipe tunnels that will have you splashing and sliding frontward and backward and climbing walls! This ride is brand-new and you'll find it only at Aquatica.

Aquatica Dolphin PlungeCutback Cove & Big Surf Shores - Is two massive wave pools that are side by side. Each varying in wave height and density there are is fun for the entire family inside the cove!

Dolphin Plunge - The parks largest and one of the guests' most favorite attraction this ride has two sliding tubes. Each tube begins as a dark tunnel as you make your way in and around loops, spins, turns and more and it automatically turns clear and goes directly through the dolphin tanks! Enjoy your speedy ride down under the water and out into the lagoon as the playful dolphins race alongside your tube and do flips along side you!


Aquatica Visitor on Dolphin Plunge"Dolphin Plunge was such as awesome ride!! I always wanted to swim with dolphins but have been kind of scared, I don't know why but I just don't like getting that close to animals but its okay when your going down the dolphin plunge the dolphins really come up to the tube and swim along with you and it feels like you're actually swimming with them which is close enough for me. Even though your not actually in the water with them you barely notice because your going so fast that you don't even realize you're in a clear tube! It was such a fun ride and I can't wait to go back!"
-Amanda F.

Grotto at AquaticaKata's Kookaburra Cove - For middle aged kids to enjoy all the park has to offer in an environment built specifically for them! With slides that don't go to fast, and pools that don't get to deep this area is perfect for kids of younger ages! and parents concerned about their kids as well. In this area everyone's happy and everyone's having a ton of fun!

Loggerhead - Enjoy relaxing on the water? Loggerhead is a lazy river that encircles Tassie's Twister, enjoy a smooth flow of water for as long as you want as you relax on the offered tubes! So lay back and relax as you gently float on top of the water at your own pace as soothing music plays in the background. Or you can take it to the next level and have a splash fight with your friends when they least expect it. You choose the thrill on this ride!

Father and Daughter having fun"My friends always joke around and say I'm way too over-protective of my children. I know when I was a kid I was getting hurt doing everything I did and that's something I want to prevent from happening to my kids. Unlike some of the other parks I've been to with my kids before this area has some of the best rides and exactly what I was looking for to both keep my kid's safe and to keep my stress level low. I plan on bringing my youngest daughter with us when we go to Orlando and Aquatica is our first stop on the list!"
-Michael H.

Visitors on the Taumata RacerTaumata Racer - Are you the competitive type? Well we got a ride for you, this eight person ride places you on top of a mat as you battle your way down individual slides to the bottom of the steep hill, will you come in first? or will your competitors slide right by you? There's only one way to find out and that's to just do it! Be prepared for this ride that fascinates even the experienced speed seekers.

Tassie's Twister - Is boasted to be the parks most "whacky" ride, as you jump into a tube and spin in circles endlessly in a water spun bowl, and then tossed back into the Loggerhead lazy river. This ride is sure to leave your head spinning as you exit into the lazy river where you'll be able to relax your adrenaline filled body from this whacky adventure.


Brother and Sister Splashing"Tassie's twister has got to be the most funniest ride I have ever been on! :P It was so crazy because me and my brother were getting splashed and twisted around in like every direction we could think of! Since this was our first time to Orlando it was also our first to Aquatica and we didn't know the ride ended in the lazy river OMG it was so fun! We had a blast and I'm going to convince my parents to bring us down to Orlando again!"
-Haley N.

Teenagers Tanning at AquaticaWalkabout Waters - Is a massive 15,000 square foot water playground for the kids! This huge area holds feature after feature of fun water filled activities and tunnels and pools. If you have kids, you will not stop hearing how much the kids loved this place!

Walhalla Wave & HooRoo Run - Are family friendly tube rides; with large circular rafts that will carry the whole family down massive slides or go through dark tunnels at incredibly fast speeds!

Whanau Way - A major attraction at the theme park; this ride has 4 tubes that come off a large tower, each built a different way so that each time you enter, it wont be the same!

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Aquatica Water Park Tickets

Water Park Tickets

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