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Animal Kingdom

One of the most stylish and exotic feeling exhibits inside of Disney's Animal Kingdome is the The Oasis Exhibits. Inside the entrance to the Disney's Animal Kingdom attraction you are able to see lush, tropical garden pathways. Graciously browsing around this garden area you will notice that it is filled with wildlife that you may have never seen before such as wallabies, deer and exotic birds. Follow this garden path into the Safari Village which is right in the middle of this wonderful attraction

You can loose all sense of stress once you roam through these dark shady trails. Exploring further into this exhibit you will begin to notice a variety of flowers, waterfalls and meandering streams. A refreshing early morning mist covers the ground and leaves a relaxing aroma for all of the guests.

Be on a lookout for the signature animals that visitors love to see. The Parma wallaby, tree-kangaroo, giant anteater, sloth, Chinese deer and exotic birds tend to be the visitor's favorites. The natural habitat that Disney provides leaves enough room for the animals to act as if they were in the wild.

Witness the beauty of natural wildlife in it's finest state at The Oasis Exhibit in the Animal Kingdom Theme Park.



The wallaby is in the same family as the Kangaroo and some people may not be able to tell the difference between the two. These hopping creatures are found almost exclusively in Australia and New Zealand and are very rarely seen anywhere else in the wild. The Oasis Exhibit at Disney displays the Wallabies in their natural habitat so you can witness them play and carry out everyday tasks in their grassy green habitat with plenty of trees and slopes to keep them busy and provide a great play area.


Unlike their floor bouncing cousins, the Tree Kangaroos at The Oasis Exhibit at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are adapted to live in the trees. These animals are found throughout the rainforests in New Guinea and select parts of Australian and its surrounding islands. Keep your eyes in the trees so you don’t miss theses amazing creatures dwelling in the branches at heights that will truly amaze you and your family or friends or take a look at how clumsy they are when they get on the ground!

Giant Anteater

Giant Anteater
One of the strangest looking animals people have ever seen in the Giant Anteater, with its funnel shaped head, four legs and bushy tails you’ll be stunned at sight. These unique animals are found throughout Central and South America where you can find them “vacuuming” ants out of their nests. An interesting fact about the Giant Anteater is that it does not have any teeth! Its really a sight to see this thick haired animal feast on some of the smallest creatures in the world.


Slowly making its way to the top of the favorite animals at The Oasis Exhibit at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the Sloth. Sloths are most commonly found in South American and more southern parts of North America. For a period of time these tree dwelling leaf eaters were extinct. You can easily identify a sloth by its monkey like body and its very slow movements which have been tied to its very slow metabolism. Look carefully at the branches because these guys don’t make sudden movements and they’re pretty good at camouflaging!

Chinese Dear

Chinese Dear
Most people are very familiar with the common white tail deer however the Chinese Deer or more commonly referred to as the Water Deer isn’t much different. Besides the fact that the Water Deer has two large downward pointing tusks that makes it look similar to a vampire! These are some of the most interesting animals that anyone has ever seen. With the cute body of a deer and the vicious looking fangs you won’t know what to think when you see these guys!

Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds
Some of the most breathtaking sights you’ll see in The Oasis Exhibit are the exotic birds, these vividly colored animals will freely fly around you and your family and friends as you gaze in amazement. Take a step up to the Macaw exhibit and listen to these smart animals repeat words and answer questions! You will be amazed at how these animals act around humans! See some of the guides for this one of a kind exhibit for bird food, so you can get interactive with the animals!