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primeval whirl roller coasterPrimeval Whirl

Located at Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Primvel Whirl thrill ridePrepare to go back in time to experience the meteor that is believed to have caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs. Primeval Whirl is a spinning roller coaster located in Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand  USA and is part of Chester and Hester fun fair Dino-Rama. This old fashion spinning roller coaster acts as your time machine in a semi-themed atmosphere.

Each spinning time machine travels along one of two tracks. All begin their journey through time by starting with a slow climb uphill where you begin to see spinning clocks. Right at the top of the hill riders become aware that they will now drop into time. Spinning and twisting while flying around curves you briefly see dinosaurs warning that “The End is Near.” Each colorful time machine spins independently so riders are promised a different feeling each time they board.

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