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animal kingdom roller coasterDINOSAUR

Located at Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Theme Park

There is perhaps no bigger mystery to animal enthusiasts than the Dinosaur. You have the chance to travel back into the time when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth when you ride Animal Kingdomís DINOSAUR. 

As you enter into the once secret Dino- Institute, you see fossils that were recovered and other information about Dinosaurs. After you have had time to do a little Dino preliminary research you and other guests are asked if you would be willing to travel back in time in the Dino-Institutes Time Rover to find and bring back the illusive Iguanodon. Of course there is a catch, while you are on your time travel adventure you must beware the man-eaters and make it back before the meteor shower that killed all the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago kills you and the rest of your party in the 12 seat Time Rover.

Once you fully accept the challenge of successfully bringing back the Iguanodon you are encouraged to board your Time Rover which will bounce and bump into the past to encounter some of the loudest, ferocious Dinosaurís known to man. Just in the nick of time you make it out with the Iguanodon and your lives.

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