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Boggy Creek Airboat Tickets

Are you a lover of the Great Outdoors? Tired of all the hassles you have to deal with at the theme parks? Do you want to experience the "Real Florida?" Then visiting Boggy Creek Airboat Rides is a MUST DO when you are vacationing here in Florida.

Unlike some of the newer attractions and ultra theme parks, you may visit and experience the real Florida, unchanged as it was thousands of years ago. Enjoy the local wildlife and speed through the famous Florida swamplands! Call us at (321) 939-2043 to speak with a representative. We'll gladly help you build the ideal a Boggy Creek Airboat Ride Ticket package for your party!

Buy your Boggy Creek Airboat Ride Tickets
Boggy Creek Airboat Ride Tickets

Boggy Creek Airboat Rides - Choose a Tour

There are 5 distinct tours that Boggy Creek Airboat Rides offers. Each tour will take through the Central Florida Everglades where man has not left his footprint. You'll also see exotic wildlife such as alligators, great blue herons, cranes, long horn bulls, deer, osprey, ibis, and many other indigenous wildlife.



30 minute Airboat Tour

Reaching speeds of up to 45mph, these airboats will whisk you through  the Central Florida wetlands like no other vehicle could. You'll get a view of the exotic Floridian wildlife that would also otherwise be impossible to see if you weren't on an airboat. Airboats leave every half hour and the tour lasts approximately a half hour.

Nature Safari/Swamp Buggy

On this tour your steed is not one of the swift airboats, instead you will mount one of the massive Swamp Buggies. These custom built vehicular monsters were made to roam the land that cowboys call "the real Florida". On this adventure you will see wildlife such as wild turkeys, wild hogs, deer, bald eagles, turtles, and many other animals roaming freely across the land. The guides on these tours know not only the lay of the land and the animals, but also the history behind them. These guides come from the local families that have lived in Kissimmee way before Walt Disney ever bought a square inch of Florida land. If luck is on your side, you might even catch the cowboys rounding up the cattle (which they only do twice a year).

Buy your Boggy Creek Airboat Ride Tickets
Boggy Creek Airboat Ride Tickets

Boggy Creek Airboats MapDirections to Boggy Creek Airboats

Take 192 East to Poinciana Blvd. Make a right on Poinciana Blvd. and go 19 miles south until it dead ends. (Poinciana will change names to Southport Rd.)