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Public/Private: Public
Stock Symbol (if applicable): WAG
S & P Credit Rating: A+
# of locations: 7,500+ 

Walgreen’s is the nation’s largest drugstore chain with fiscal 2009 sales of $63 billion. The company boasts more than 7,500 locations and more than 238,000 employees. Walgreen’s recently reported its 35th consecutive year of record sales. Prescription drugs account for 65% of Walgreen’s sales.  

During the last two decades, Walgreen’s has put an emphasis on moving out of inline locations and into freestanding locations on the corner of “main and main”. Walgreen’s owns approximately 20% of their locations, while it leases the rest. Typical initial lease terms are between 20-25 years with a typical building size of 14,560 square feet.  

You can tell just by walking into a Walgreens that they are serious about your business. Little did people know, this large chain was started with a drugstore in a small neighborhood. In fact this store was only feet by 20 feet! As you can see from the stores these days, Walgreens has changed up quite a bit. From the products they sell to the services they offer, Walgreens has seen an extensive change along the years from 1901 until now.

As far as the business has gone doesn’t matter as much as how far the man behind the business originally operated it all. Walgreen made its first appearance into the world in a small town near Galesburg, Illinois. It was here that Charles R. Walgreen, at the tender age of 16, gained his first experience by working in a drugstore. Even though he was learning a lot it was far from a great experience he was having. Walgreen never intended on working in a drugstore, in fact he only did it because he suffered from an accident that didn’t allow him to play sports. That “accident” lead him to great fortune down the road.

As long as Walgreens has been open it has been constantly improving itself and expanding, making it one of the greatest companies to invest in. If you are interested in more information about the company don’t hesitate to give us a call today!


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We believe Walgreen’s are among the best real estate investments available. The track record of continued growth and success proves why Walgreen’s are such a desirable tenant.  



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