Buying a McDonald’s Location:

Public/Private: Public Stock Symbol (if applicable): MCD
S & P Credit Rating: A
# of locations: 32,000+

McDonald’s is the largest hamburger restaurant chain in the world. There are over 32,000 McDonald’s spread across 118 countries. Of the more than 32,000 McDonald’s, over 25,000 are operated by franchisees.

McDonald’s has benefited from the recent economic downturn as they have seen an increase in same store sales over previous reporting periods. McDonald’s restaurants sit on some of the most valuable real estate world. The company secures these properties by purchasing or securing long terms leases, and charges the franchisee (if there is one) rent. McDonald’s restaurants are typically around 4,500 square feet and sit on 35,000 square feet of land.

One of the most recognized symbols in America is the McDonald’s logo. With such an impressive stat like that you can already tell that McDonalds is one of America’s favorite companies. It all started in 1940 when a small restaurant had big dreams. Unlike any other restaurant around at the time, McDonald’s had a large menu and even a car hop service which at the time was a huge innovation.

You can always tell that a McDonald’s will make you happy and just taking a drive down a local road you will be able to see one or two of these locations. Over all of the years, McDonalds has been expanding rapidly and making more money than the two original investors could have ever expected. McDonalds has an endless amount of happy investors and they continue to get happier and happier day after day.

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Our Take:

McDonald’s is one of the best possible tenants an investor could have. All McDonald’s leases are backed by the company, as opposed to the franchisee. The brand recognition and company strength of McDonald’s are second to none, ensuring investors that their rent check will never bounce.  



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