Buying a Dollar General Location:

Public/Private: Public
Stock Symbol (if applicable): DG
S & P Credit Rating: BB+
# of locations: 8700+ 

Dollar General (DG) is based in Goodlettsville, TN and is the largest small-box discount retailer in the United States. Dollar General sells a broad range of brand name everyday items at discount prices. Dollar General operates over 8,700 freestanding and inline stores in 35 states.

One of the most impressive companies is Dollar General. Dollar General is the country’s largest small-box discounter. Not only does it hold that title, they also operate more locations than any other retailer. It all started out in 1939 where a father and son started a whole sale business, it was never in their intentions to grow so large but since day one they were destined for success. At this point in time the “wholesale” store was not technically a dollar store since it had items that priced in at over $1, that all changed in 1955 in Springfield, Kentucky where they conversion from a wholesale store to a dollar store happened. In 1967 the father and son began to see changes that blew their minds, over $1 million! Shortly after breaking their record they became a publicly traded company and it all went uphill from there.

Constantly building new warehouses in different parts of the state and improving themselves, there were no signs of their sales slowing down. In 1976 Dollar General was seeing over $100 Million in sales for the first time. Dollar General rapidly began grown buying stores by the hundreds years after year. Over these years and many economic hardships, Dollar General has still kept its sales up, it was privately acquired in 2007 just to be a public company again 2 years later.  
If you are looking for a secure business to do a lease with Dollar General is your choice, you can rest assured knowing you are making the most out of your investment. If you need any more information about Dollar General or would like some information about our leasing options feel free to give us a call at anytime.

Our Take:

We believe Dollar General stores (along with most discount retailers) are a great real estate investment. Recently, Dollar General came out with a new 15 year NNN lease that we favor as an investment over their more common 10 year NNN lease.



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