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Public/Private: Public
Stock Symbol (if applicable): AAP
S & P Credit Rating: BB+
# of locations: 3,300+

Advance Auto Parts is the second largest automotive replacement parts retailer in the US. There are over 3,200 AAP stores across 41 states, Mexico, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Advance Auto Parts stores range from 6,000 Ė 7,000 square feet, and are typically situated on 1 acre of land (for freestanding locations). While the company does lease sites, they are also actively trying to repurchase currently leased stores, a sign of company strength.

Advance Auto Parts is a company that stands by its values. Getting started in 1909 this company obviously displays the classic American work ethic, which has survived for decades upon decades. This company was ahead of the game since day one when the opened their own mail order car parts catalog. Over the years this company has been advancing and gaining more customers based on their knowledgeable staff and speedy service.

This company is based in Roanoke, Virginia and has expanded into 39 continental states. The target customers that AutoZone is marketing towards is the Do-It-Yourselfers with minimal or no knowledge on automotive service. With the economy the way it is today less and less people would rather attempt to fix their cars themselves than paying up to $80 an hour for service at a shop.

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Our Take:

Advance Auto Parts is the second largest retailer in an explosive growth industry. The automotive replacement parts and accessories industry has continued to grow and show signs of being almost recession proof. Advance Auto Parts should continue to become stronger and makes for an excellent tenant.  



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